About CREW

The ‘I’ is an illusion, artist Eric Joris is convinced of that. In 1990 he founded the company CREW. Under his artistic direction and with the help of an international network, they have been steadily chipping away at the boundaries between art, technology and human perception. CREW is a pioneer in the research on how technology influences us and enables us to switch in real-time between different worlds: our own, the cultural and the virtual. CREW’s medium of choice, one that goes straight to the spectator’s body to put it simply, is immersion: the sensation to be completely enveloped by a different world. The stage where they share this immersive work with the audience is manyfold: installations and performances in the theatre, the museum, on location, inside and outside. The real-time creations of CREW anchor the immersive in the here and now. At this counterpoint between man and technology, CREW confronts a wide and international audience physically with wat surrounds us, our position in the world and how we see ourselves. Scientific Fiction is an apt description of Eric Joris’ modus operandi. If Science Fiction is a genre that paints a fantastical future, Scientific Fiction on the other hand brings the future to the present by way of CREW’s many artistic projects, making available, questioning or finding new uses for digital innovation. CREW is a regular and diligent participant in scientific research.