Augmented Reality


2020-3D Media

Augmented Reality VR R&D

The 2020-3D Media project was a four-year research project funded by the European Commission under the FP7 (7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development), and involved 13 industrial, academic and artistic partners. As an artistic partner CREW conducted practice-based research focusing on the translation of cinematographic and performative codes in immersive environments and on changing notions of narrativity, presence and spectatorship.

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With its participation in the European research program PRESENT (in the context of HORIZON 2020), CREW strives for increased interaction within the virtual media.

PRESENT wants to create virtual digital assistants and companions - conscious agents - that look completely natural, show and perceive emotional sensitivity, enter into a meaningful dialogue, add meaning to the experience and act as reliable guardians and guides in the interfaces for AR, VR and more traditional forms of media.

PRESENT is a project in the context of HORIZON 2020

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Celestial Bodies

Can complex matters like the historical explanations of the solar system be more easily understood on an “experiential” immersive base? Is it i.e. possible to collaboratively walk around in a solar system while embodying planets and making gravitational forces understood in terms of experience?
Celestial Bodies is a concept for using immersion and virtual production tools in education and arts.

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Absence is a dance creation inspired by the tsunami in Japan (2011). The idea is simple: a woman and a man meet. There is a trauma. They move, they talk.
A scenic performance made by Eric Joris and writer Peter Verhelst, in collaboration with NTGent.

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