With its participation in the European research program PRESENT (in the context of HORIZON 2020), CREW strives for increased interaction within the virtual media.

PRESENT wants to create virtual digital assistants and companions - conscious agents - that look completely natural, show and perceive emotional sensitivity, enter into a meaningful dialogue, add meaning to the experience and act as reliable guardians and guides in the interfaces for AR, VR and more traditional forms of media.

PRESENT is a project in the context of HORIZON 2020

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Delirious Departures

In a time when traveling abroad is no longer evident and the nearness of others feels destabilising, CREW revisits the boundaries of substance and illusion with the installation Delirious Departures, transforming the Royal Museums of Fine Arts into a train departure hall. The place where travellers cross, say goodbye, make haste, wait. Where fragments of conversation, foreign languages, service announcements, a chilly draught, closing doors, footsteps, coffee slurping travellers and many other (inter)actions and sounds mingle.

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