*A mirror image guides you out of your own body...

  • EUX or to live in plural. Since Romanticism, the image of the doppelgänger is regularly used to depict the encounter with the self. He symbolizes the blurring of the distinction between reality and fantasy. Is the world that surrounds us a representation of ourselves - or is it just the other way around? In EUX, you un-double your own body in a mirror image that seems more real than yourself. With Crash and U, CREW introduced immersive technology in the performing arts. Theatre was repositioned towards an undefined space between the physical and a virtual world. Through technological protheses, in EUX the spectator becomes the protagonist. But in whose story? Maybe paranoia is nothing but reality on a finer scale.


Concept and direction: Eric Joris
Writer: Eli Commins
Actors: Maja Jantar, Carly Wijs and Stef De Paepe
Research and technological development: Philippe Bekaert and Vincent Jacobs
Technical coördination: Vincent Jacobs
Directors assistent and scenography: Chantalla Pleiter
Technics: David De Buyser
Production coordination: Vicky Vermoezen
Executive management: Hilde Teuchies

Co-production: La Chartreuse, Villeneuve-les-Avignon (Fr), BUDA, Kortrijk (B)