Icarus / MAN-O-WAR

Multimedia as a prothesis ...

With Icarus CREW introduces its outlook on multimedia as a prosthesis.
Audience and actor are located in a 8x7x4m computer cave which is completely controlled by the paralyzed actor Paul Antipoff. He speaks, draws, 'acts' through a computer interface which he can manipulate by his tongue, his chin and a laser attached on his forehead. A whole network of multimedia is connected to his body as a literal prosthesis. He becomes the modern Icarus who is locked up in the labyrinth of his own body. The audience is surrounded by the turbulent mind of Icarus who prepares his escape by means of electronic wings. Antipoff/Icarus embodies the human desire to surpass our physical limitations.

DJ Eavesdropper creates a disorienting soundscape and Peter Verhelst provides this performance with a feverish stream of thoughts that penetrates every fiber of your body. In short: a sensory trip that raises the issue of the infiltration and manipulation of the body through technology.