Is this the story of a daydreamer and if so, are his daydreams possibly dangerous for you?

Is this CREW's newest creation? Or is it yours? Is this the story of a daydreamer and if so, are his daydreams possibly dangerous for you? Step into Line-Up and find out. Line-Up is a follow up of EUX, a one to one performance using the newest technology in omni-directional video and a mind-blowing physical experience, recently presented to enthusiastic audiences in Villeneuve-les-Avignon, Kortrijk, Zurich, Brussels, Amsterdam, Ljubljana and Ghent.

Line-Up submerges you in a world of mythical imagination. You step into the story and into an unusual physical experience. A voice guides you on your immersive voyage. The world you end up in hides deeper turbulences under its surface. In this world the most unreal becomes real. The story guides you through your own imagination, dark and joyful at once. With Line-Up CREW continues its exploration of immersive technology as a performative medium. Using the newest developments in the field of omni-directional cameras, video-goggles, surround sound etc, the visitor is placed into the centre of the image and he becomes the main character of his own performance. A unique form of contemporary theatre for sure. But even more, a mind-blowing and emotional experience.

Line-Up takes you yet another step further into the parallel world. Sound and images join in with a mesmerizing story and guide you on a trip that turns reality inside out. The narrative is by Eli Commins, theatre maker and author. Sound and music are by George van Dam, composer. Actors are Peter Gorissen and Leen Diependaele. Line-Up is a performance for 5 persons at a time. Duration: 60'. Six performances per day.


Director: Eric Joris
Dramaturgical advice: Luca Scarlini
Script: Eli Commins
Sound and music: George van Dam
Actors: Peter Gorissen, Leen Diependaele and Ewout D'Hoore
Technological co-ordination: Vincent Jacobs
Assistant to the director: Chantalla Pleiter
Technical assistance: Koen Goossens
Costumes and props: Olivia Mortier
Post-production: Brecht Debackere
Gaffer: Kim Rens and Koen Goossens
Production co-ordination: Vicky Vermoezen
Production assistant: Nele Bauwens
General management: Hilde Teuchies

Production: CREW
Co-production: VOORUIT, Ghent
With the support of EDM, University of Hasselt