Anxious Arrivals

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

Blaise Pascal

Our philosopher disagrees, quarantine isolation is not all about the families spending time together, cooking and posting smiling pictures on social networks. Rather, it is a time of monsters...
Leaving the bottle where we had lived our lives during the never ending lock downs did not go easy. We needed to reacquaint with the space, with freedom, with the other.

But… we enter the open again… free… finalement libres…

Emerging from CREW's research into extending performers into the virtual, Anxious Arrivals picks up from Delirious Departures to reacquaint ourselves with space and the other. CREW draws an analogy analogy between the liberation of space after quarentine with free movement in the virtual.

Anxious Arrivals is a site-specific XR performance for multiple immersants in 3 scenes, presented in a "revealing scenography" of tracked screens and projection mapping.

Technically, Anxious Arrivals builds on our research within the Max-R Horizon Europe Project. This allows us to have multiple people with VR goggles over areas up to 500m2 with very high fidelity graphics and sound. Multiple performers are motion captured and present in the virtual. An AI driven virtual camera system animates the screen-based scenography.


Concept: Eric Joris & Isjtar Vandebroeck
With: Jerry Killick, Booi Kluiving, Wieke Van Rosmalen, Shelbatra Jashari
3D-Design: Isjtar Vandebroeck, Eric Joris, Haryo Sukmawanto
Composition and sound design: Isjtar Vandebroeck
Text: Mia Vaerman, Eric Joris
Voice: Jerry Killick
Technological research: Isjtar Vandebroeck, Haryo Sukmawanto
Coordination: Lauranne Nédée

Supported by Horizon Europe Max-R


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