Which role can art and VR play in the treatment of psychiatric patients?
This is the premise of the Soulhacker research project. The artists of CREW, in collaboration with teachers and students of RITCS, will develop virtual environments in which neurologists and psychologists (represented by Brai3n, Dr. Georges Otte, Dr. Dirk De Ridder and Dr. Sven Vanneste) will guide and treat patients.

With this new VR-project, CREW aims to utilise their years of expertise to create worlds and scenes rich in transformative dynamics and psychosynthesis potential. The project concentrates on the empowerment of patients and puts them at the centre as the main actor of their own healing process. This allows patients to experience the power and potential of self-activated mental healing.

New scientific and artistic insights

The blending of art and VR can lead to new therapeutic solutions and insights in psychiatry. Art is brought into play to recondition people with psychological problems.

Soulhacker offers the artists the possibility to create worlds unencumbered by classical dramaturgy and necessities. In a series of hackathons, students from different departments of RITCS will collaborate with CREW artists to translate freshly obtained insights into new artistic expressions.

Both artistically and scientifically, data received through biofeedback (from not only patients, but also regular visitors or actors) will provide new insights into these processes.

Soulhacker is supported by the Flemish Community (Innovatieve Partnerprojecten).