Interactive installation at Coup de Ville exhibition in St Niklaas, creation in collaboration with ChampdAction.

Centrifuga, 4 studies in scaling takes omnidirectional audio-vision to another level. The spectator has a choice of perspective by moving in front of the screens.
The concert band ‘de Toekomst' of St Niklaas was recorded playing in different tempi ‘the Internationale’. This recorded material -both audio and video- was then temporally scaled and pitched as one. Thus opening up a world of new harmonies, intervals, timbres. Not only musically, but also visually.


Concept: Eric Joris & Serge Verstockt
Musical supervision: Thomas Moore
Sound editing and mixing: Florian Goeschke
Compositing: Peter Prinsen
Technology: Vincent Jacobs
Technical assistance: Koen Goossens
Production: Vicky Vermoezen and CREW
With: Harmonie de Toekomst, St Niklaas and Twirlingteam Boezinge, NOVID en Gert Croux.
Many thanks to curator Stef Van Bellingen and the Coup de ville team.