The Internet Trilogy

For three years, Urland researched the internet under the wings of the Theater Rotterdam Production House. The most important development of this modern era took shape in three successive performances. EXPLORER / Prometheus unleashed, the second part of this Trilogy, is a joint creation of Urland and CREW and is central to this performance.

Now these three parts were forged into one interdisciplinary and multimedia spectacle by the members of Urland and CREW. The ritualistic triptych makes the (hyper)link between the myth of Prometheus and modern digital fire. Prometheus stole the fire from the gods and gave it to man.
Just as fire means both progress and destruction, so the internet includes both utopian promise and dystopian loss.

Urland and CREW play and use all the tools that the theater maker currently has, from a motion capture system to the Fanuc S-500, and from Ableton to Word.

The Internet Trilogy is a collective, digital trip in which the body transforms and the future is made tangible. The rite writes the myth, of course on the analog stage.