Visual art installation by Eric Joris and CREW, created for SuperBodies, Hasselt Triennale

SuperBodies, the 3rd Hasselt triennial focuses on the way in which our body secretly moulds and shapes our experiences. CREW was commissioned by curator Pieter T' Jonck to present new work. NOHORIZON unveils a new line of approach in Eric Joris' exploration of the perspectives of our perception. The installation's environment seems constantly to annihilate our displacement and installs a strange dialogue between body and space. In a borderland between virtual and physical space, our sense of orientation is oddly tested. Further on, various graphic works and previously unshown sketches lead you through Eric Joris's universe. Visual, technical, utopic, poetic.

NOHORIZON will be exhibited in Art Centre Z33 from February 4 till May 13 2012.


Production: CREW
Concept: Eric Joris
Technological development: Philippe Bekaert (EDM, University of Hasselt) and Vincent Jacobs
Execution: Eric Joris, Vincent Jacobs
Research: Brecht De Backere
Dramaturgy: Marnix Rummens
Design railsystem: Culture Crew
With thanks to: Jakuh Rehak and Mia Vaerman