C.A.P.E. Tohoku

In C.A.P.E. Tohoku the visitor wanders through the debris in tsunami ridden areas in Japan, only months after the disaster took place. Seconds later, in company of the Japanese inhabitants, he is confronting the raising waters...

C.A.P.E Tohoku takes you on a 15'walk through a devastated area in Japan, hit by the earthquake and tsunami in spring 2011. Footage of the disaster region was gathered by Eric Joris in August 2011, with a custom made 360° camera. The visitor of the C.A.P.E. Tohoku performance walks right through the devastated area, the ghost towns, the debris and meets survivors wandering through uprooted streets... During the walk, images from before, during and after the disaster are mixed and induce a tragic sort of immediacy. The immersive format strongly reinforces this directness and puts the visitor into the heart of the experience. C.A.P.E. Tohoku is a radical step towards a new type of documentary

C.A.P.E. (Computer Automatic Personal Environment) is a groundbreaking presentation format that combines an ODV (omni-directional video) cinematic experience with a self-executed performance.


Eric Joris: artistic direction
Philippe Bekaert: design technologie and software
Vincent Jacobs: technological development and coordination
Chantalla Pleiter: artistic assistance
Koen Goossens: technical assistance
Vicky Vermoezen: production coordination
Hilde Teuchies: general management CREW

C.A.P.E. Tohoku was created with the support of Act for Japan, VRT/CANVAS, X_TV and 2020 3D Media.