An adventure that takes your breath away whether you're 8 or 88.

C.A.P.E. KIT is CREW's first creation for children. An adventure that takes your breath away whether you're 8 or 88.Nothing is what it looks like anymore as soon as you put on the C.A.P.E. KIT video-glasses and computer-backpack. A little girl in red takes you by the hand and then the strangest things happen. As an Alice in Wonderland you start moving... Am I too big now or am I too small? Am I here or yonder? You keep on walking and can hardly follow your legs, eyes, ears... Luckily, getting lost is not an option. The little girl is never far away...

In CREW's artistic creations, technology and new media are central.C.A.P.E. is a unique performance format, developed by CREW in close collaboration with scientists. C.A.P.E. takes you the inside of the filmed image. Geared up with video-glasses, trackers, headset and a computer back-pack your senses discover a new reality and create a different time and space. You find yourself in the middle of a story that you help to develop as you walk on. CREW explores the potential of the C.A.P.E. format since 2010. Different C.A.P.E. creations are the tactile C.A.P.E. Brussels (Sept 2010) , the intimate C.A.P.E. Pierrefonds (October 2010) , the documentary C.A.P.E. Tohoku (December 2011) , the narrative C.A.P.E. Horror (April 2012) , the adventurous C.A.P.E. KIT (March 2013) and the musical C.A.P.E. Vooruit (May 2013).

CREW artistic director Eric Joris is the main creator of C.A.P.E. but he also invites other artists to create an autonomous work with the C.A.P.E. medium. Dutch artist Chantalla Pleiter was the first to have a go and she created with C.A.P.E. KIT the first-ever immersive walk for children.


Director: Chantalla Pleiter
Concept C.a.p.e. : Eric Joris
Coach actor: Ivan Vrambout
Actor: Hannah Vrambout
Technical operator: Koen Goossens
Assistant to the director: Jana Declercq
Lights: Julien Ladavid
Sound: Ruben Nachtergaele
Production coordinator: Vicky Vermoezen
Artistic director CREW: Eric Joris
Technological development CREW: Vincent Jacobs
CREW administrator: Vicky Vermoezen
General direction CREW: Hilde Teuchies

C.A.P.E. KIT is CREW production, co-produced by STORMOPKOMST Festival

CREW receives structural support from the Ministry of Culture of the Flemish Community.