C.A.P.E. (Computer Assisted Personal Environment) is the mobile immersive installation of CREW, presented for the first time at the World Expo in Shanghai in September 2010.
With video HMD, trackers and headphones one gets a portable, personal immersive environment.



C.A.P.E. Molenbeek ‘Everything on the table’

CREW wants art to move outside its institutional frameworks within the urban multicultural society. As part of the Brussels operation, we realized an 'omni-directional video installation' together with Agora M, Vaartkapoen. The screenplay was written by a group of Moroccan-Belgian women who are active within Agora M, substantively and technically supported by CREW.

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C.A.P.E. Drop Dog

C.A.P.E. Drop Dog is a virtual performance inspired by two texts from Dutch writer and poet Tonnus Oosterhoff. State-of-the-art technology immerses the visitor in a different world and places the viewer in the heart of two short stories.

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C.A.P.E. Anima

C.A.P.E. Anima brings the visitor right into the heart of the Pastoral, offering a tableau vivant in which he can feel and taste the inner world of Beethoven's 6th Symphony, performed by Anima Eterna.

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C.A.P.E. Vooruit

C.A.P.E. Vooruit is a 25' performance created in the framework of VOORUIT100, celebrating 100 years of Vooruit, the impressive Ghent cultural house of Flemisch socialism turned into a lively contemporary arts centre. C.A.P.E Vooruit swings you back and forth between the here and now and the early years of Vooruit, when streets were buzzing with parades and marching bands. Join the parade, move on the rhythm of the Internationale and follow the slightly distorted beat of a band that seems to have been mutated through time.

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C.A.P.E. Horror

C.A.P.E. Horror was created in collaboration with performance students of the Maastricht Theatre Academy. They take you along into an eerie world where it is dangerously difficult to distinguish reality from fiction...

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C.A.P.E. Brussels

Commissioned by the Brussels-Capital Region, CREW created the performance C.A.P.E Brussels for its participation in the World Exhibition Bejing 2010. During the visit to the Belgian pavilion, visitors discovered our capital through an unusual and artistic virtual walk.

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Would you like to take a walk, using ‘my’ body?

C.A.P.E. (Computer Assisted Personal Environment) is the newest mobile immersive installation of CREW, presented for the first time at the World Expo in Shanghai in September 2010. Come and experience for yourself what the future of cinema might be like! With C.A.P.E., we can shift your presence from one place to another in no time. Thanks to its state-of-the-art immersive technology, you can step into another body and walk around in a maybe far away city or a faraway time...

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