Online Performance

A performance that takes place over the internet, usually on the World Wide Web.



Hamlet’s Playground

Corona put the performing arts on hold. Venues closed and switched to live streaming, cancelling the immediate connection between performer and audience. CREW elevates the online theatre experience to a new level. The futuristic production Hamlet’s Lunacy by Eric Joris and Mesut Arslan was transformed by Joris and his team into Hamlet’s Playground, a corona-proof interactive theatrical experience happening simultaneously live and online. Live actors guide the audience in a console game-like environment through various rooms, where historical documents and technology provide new insight in Hamlet’s conflict.

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The View from Nowhere

Covid-19 made the theater -- 'the space where we breathe the same air’-- defunct. Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams were some of the few shared spaces that were left to us, theatre people. Instead of connecting directly from private space to private space, we aimed to create a stage in between, adding some kind of mediation. The View from Nowhere is a short online performance that will be using Zoom in an interactive and interpassive way.

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