Celestial Bodies

Can complex matters like the historical explanations of the solar system be more easily understood on an “experiential” immersive base? Is it i.e. possible to collaboratively walk around in a solar system while embodying planets and making gravitational forces understood in terms of experience?
Celestial Bodies is a concept for using immersion and virtual production tools in education and arts.

To achieve that we aimed at a virtual planetarium, fully developed in 3D, to be viewed and experienced as VR and AR, with a HMD and tablet, while having multiple users “perform” the solar system. The immersants were guided and assisted by a full body motion-captured actress.
Adapted software was implemented to achieve a virtual production integration, allowing a live blend of different inputs like CG, MoCap, music, video.

In Celestial Bodies, we had two 'staged sets':
one with six scientists who gave an illustrated lecture,
one with the 'performance' with immersants, tablet users and spectators.

The three-year interdisciplinary research project "Spectacular Astronomy" brought together artists, directors, theater and science historians and professionals in scientific and technical culture.