Collateral Rooms

Collateral Rooms is an immersive live-art installation developed by CREW for the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2016, the most renowned book/creative design fair in the world. The installation allows people to experience 3D vision through a SINGLE eye and the moving of your body. Different from computer CAVES we know, the 3D here is not conveyed by stereoscopic glasses or 3D projections. Nothing of that kind. Only the naked single eye, in movement. That is sufficient to recreate the world as we know it. Collateral Rooms was commissioned by the Flemish Literature Fund (BE).


Concept: Eric Joris
Technology: Koen Goossens, CREW / Hasselt University (EDM) / EU consortium Dreamspace & Vincent Jacobs
Computer: Graphics Bram Van Bauwel
Software: Development Steven Maesen & Patrik Goorts
Sound design: Christoph De Boeck
Light: Julien Ladavid
Artists: Peter Gorissen & Fumiyo Ikeda
Production: CREW

In collaboration with EDM (Expertise center for digital media), Dreamspace (FP7 ICT collaboration), Hasselt University - iMinds and Natural Point - Optitrack.
With the support of BUDA and STAKE5