EXPLORER/Prometheus Unchained

EXPLORER/Prometheus unchained is a staged performance by CREW and Urland, a collective of young makers, in collaboration with Productiehuis Rotterdam and premiered at Krijn Boon Studio, Rotterdamse Schouwburg (NL). EXPLORER/Prometheus unchained is the centerpiece of The Internet Trilogy, a series on the rise, expansion and limitless promise of the internet. The World Wide Web. The point of no return. We are ON. Unchained. We are FREE.

This performance is a joint effort of two generations, Eric Joris/B.C.(Before Computer) and Urland/A.C. (After Computer), exploring new possibilities given by the internet. This was the arguably the first theatrical production to use 3D motion capture in real-time onstage. The live-performance is re-fleshed and transformed in the moment. With recent inertial technology the human bodies of the actors become data and this transformation expands the very idea of the psychical body to new limits. The interest in mediatized artforms and the creation of new ways of experiencing theatre is embedded in the artistic canon of CREW and continues in this challenging collaboration. EXPLORER/Prometheus unchained allows the audience to cross the border between performance space and spectating space. It offers RE-ENACTMENT of the initial promises of 1994 and it provides a glimpse into the future. TUNE IN. TURN ON. BOOT UP. JACK IN. DROP OUT. EXPLORE.


Concept/cast : Eric Joris, Ludwig Bindervoet, Thomas Dudkiewicz, Marijn Alexander de Jong & Jimi Zoet.
Dramaturgy: Florian Hellwig
Technology: Koen Goossens (CREW)
Technical support: Siemen van der Werf, Olmo Claessens, Seppe Brouckaert
Internship technology: Rens Royaert Production manager: Vicky Vermoezen (CREW) & Sarah Steeman (Urland)
Production: Productiehuis Rotterdam & CREW

In collaboration with: Buda Kunstencentrum, EDM (Expertisecenter for digital media), Dreamspace (FP7 ICT collaboration), University Hasselt - iMinds and Natural Point - Optitrack

With the support of: Fonds 21, BesteBuren, Fonds Podiumkunsten en Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds