What would it be like to step out of yourself and look at yourself from a different perspective? CREW optimized its HeadSwap technology and created Citizen.Com for Brussels Smart City for Culture. With this ambitious collaborative experiment multiple people can connect live in an intimate way. Through this project CREW is exploring new ways to support integration, communication and inclusion through technology.

Two people are rigged at the same time with cameras and sensors and other extensions. It is a radical way to extend your consciousness. The HeadSwap is an instrument that should stimulate the imagination of visitors and initiate an ecologically inspired thinking about the future. The visitor is an active participant. Although the setup seems very simple, the experience of a 360 ° walk in the intimate space of another is special. Separated for a physical wall and virtually together. In a virtual cocoon, the immersant becomes aware of every small movement of the other, resulting in an increased sense of presence.


Concept: Eric Joris
Technical coordinator: Koen Goossens
Technological development: Vincent Jacobs (Culture Crew)
Production: CREW

With the support of the Brussels-Capital Region