Playing the Media, Playing the Senses



In this lecture Chiel Kattenbelt (Utrecht University) will discuss the application of VR and other immersive technologies with Eric Joris and Isjtar. The lecture will focus on Hamlet‘s Lunacy, a CREW production for which Kattenbelt did the dramaturgy. It will re-run in spring 2021 at the Waagnatie in Antwerp.

Omnidirectional video and virtual reality are relatively new technologies which are very effective in playing with media and even more so in playing with our senses. By using goggles and headphones, our eyes and ears are radically “redefined”, which, as a result, also changes how we relate to our own body.

This lecture will zoom in on the four defining aspects of the medium:

Each medium is always to some degree determined by

  • how it frames and (literally) puts into perspective that which it presents
  • how it positions and addresses its audience
  • how it relates to specific affordances in terms of suggestions or clues as how to use the medium
  • how it provides specific modes of agency, acknowledging that even perceiving itself is already a matter of performing.

15.12.2020 - 17:15-19:00 CET

Online lecture, if interested to participate please mail