Playing the Media, Playing the Senses



language: EN

During this college Chiel Kattenbelt (Associate Professor in Media Comparison and Intermediality, Utrecht University) and his students pay a virtual visit at the CREW studio.

Theatre could easily function as a hypermedium and provide a stage for other media to be staged and by consequence to be transformed into theatrical signs, that’s to say transformed from “signs of objects” into “signs of signs”. The radical self-reference and self-reflexivity of art traces its roots back to the historical avant-garde, in which we might recognize some parallels with the digital culture of our own times. As part of this session we will have a presentation and discussion by and with Eric Joris and Isjtar from the Belgian artist collective CREW about their practice within research projects such as the Horizon 2020 project PRESENT, in which they use technologies such as VR and motion capture in live performances.