On behalf of and in collaboration with Crew, Androme developed a scalable tracking system that allows users to travel a long distance physically and autonomously through a virtual environment.
Technologically, this innovative tracking system allows users to walk freely through a virtual space along a coded path of 150 meters.

In the immersive installation StrapTrack, Eric Joris (CREW) and Meryem Bayram (platform 0090) presented a powerful and sensory experience that immerses the audience's body, sight and hearing in a dynamic and abstract universe that physically challenges perception.
Eric Joris and Meryem Bayram have set up an experimental creation process for this. Both artists started from the shared fascination and conviction that the body is the most important reference for understanding and experiencing the world. Virtual Reality is the ideal environment to investigate this. In a virtual, digital environment, our body is the only instrument to perceive and orient yourself. Virtual Reality was and remains a revelation in that area; it is the technology that most exposes you to yourself. Man experiences himself from introspection ('being a body'), in our interaction with space (a body in interaction) and as an instrument ('having' a body). With StrapTrack Eric Joris and Meryem Bayram explore the spatial awareness of the immersant.opportunities to deal with a completely different kind of virtual environment.

Concept: CREW
Development tracking system: Steven Maessen, Androme & EDM / UHasselt